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The Best Routine for Keratin Treated Hair

Keratin treatments provide instant results for smoother, less-frizzed hair. Smoother, shinier hair can be achieved in a single treatment. And with proper maintenance, our keratin treatment can last up to 8 weeks. Aftercare should be a thoughtful process. It's important to not cut corners or skip steps in order to maintain the integrity of your hair, and the value of your paid service.

Many people confuse keratin treatments for other services like relaxers or perms. However, keratin treatments effectively replenish each strand of hair. After months of styling, blow-drying, and straightening the hair, parts of the hair begin to "lose keratin" (which is the protein your hair is made of. This treatment restores hair by filling in the keratin sheath of the hair via the treatment solution. Results vary depending on hair type, damage, and care routine.

Salon Noir uses a formaldehyde-free formula, which we exclusively selected for this reason. Formaldehyde has been known to cause skin sensitization or allergic dermatitis. We can only guarantee our clients receive an irritation- and damage-free experience with our keratin treatment. Other salons may not use methods like this, so be sure to ask when booking.

For the best results of your keratin treatment, we recommend the following aftercare routine:

No washing and water for at least 8 hours - It's important that no moisture, water, or sweat touch the hair after a keratin treatment. Avoid products that are "wet" like hairspray our moisturizing creams, oils, etc for eight hours. Also, no ponytails, hair clips, hats or tucking the hair behind the ears until you do your first wash do avoid denting the hair.

Before or shortly after getting a keratin treatment, pick up a good dry shampoo or powder volumizer, like our NOIR Phantom Volumizing Dust or Davines Invisible Dry Shampoo; (both carried in-salon). Keep your hair washing to a minimum to avoid stripping the hair and diminishing results. We recommend using shower caps when showering between hair washes. If you work out and break a sweat, blow-dry your hairline to avoid sweating out your treatment.

When you do wash, avoid sulfate-containing formulas - Sulfates are used to create a rich, bubbly lather in shampoo. Unfortunately, sulfates also dry out the hair. Our NOIR Quench Shampoo is the perfect solution for a sulfate-free wash routine for keratin-treated hair. This vegan-friendly, cruelty-free formula gently cleanses while also delivering deeply replenishing hydration to the hair cuticle and enhancing strength and elasticity. Pair with our NOIR Quench Conditioner. When styling clean hair, use higher quality products in lesser amounts to avoid product build-up. And every week or two you should be using a conditioning treatment that contains keratin to maintain the results. We recommend NOIR Make Amends Repair Mask, which is our only treamtent that contains keratin. But be careful! Don't over do it. Using too much keratin or protein too often can make your hair brittle and break.

Be gentle with your hair - At first, your hair will be vulnerable to high heat, so it's best to avoid straightening or hot tools until that first shampoo. Use a silk pillowcase over your favorite pillow at night. Rather than a cotton pillowcase, the silk/satin variety causes less friction, making hair less prone to breakage at night. When styling with hot tools, be sure to use a heat-shielding spray like our NOIR Hot & Bothered protectant.

During the Spring, our keratin treatments get very popular! Be sure to ask your stylist at your next appointment if a keratin treatment service is a good option for your to maintain your style.


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