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Keratin Smoothing Treatment at Salon Noir

Salon Noir is now offering Keratin Smoothing Treatments at both of

our lovely locations in Centerville and Lebanon.


The speedy smoothing solution.


Any client looking for frizz-free hair in just one service.


This unique 1-hour treatment locks-in hair color and eliminates frizz.

One of our clients was kind enough to let us interview her about her recent Keratin service. In this Q&A, Salon Noir guest, Anita shares what her experience was like -- and if she'll be booking another one of these services any time soon.

What made you want to book the Keratin treatment service?

A: Salon Noir posted on social media they were having the service. I read up on it and then Amber, my stylist, posted the outcome of how it looked on her hair. I was sold.

On a regular basis, how long does it take you to do your hair?

A: 10 to 15 minutes

Has the keratin treatment service cut down on your styling time?

A: Now I do not have to use a curling iron on my hair every day. The ends look nice without having to style every day.

Has the keratin treatment improved your hair’s level of shine and softness?

A: This is one of my favorite outcomes of the process. My hair had been looking dull and dry. The treatment made my hair shine and felt so soft.

Can you describe what the service was like? How did you feel?

A: The process was as easy as getting a conditioning treatment on your hair.

Have you had to change your hair care routine at all? (wash, products, etc.)

A: The only change to my shower routine is that I use the Keratin Mask every couple of weeks. I like how soft it would make my hair.

What advice would you give someone looking to get this service?

A: It does not make your hair poker straight. But if you are looking to put shine in your hair appearance and reduce frizziness this would a good treatment for you.

Would you get this service again, why or why not?

A: Yes, I plan on getting it every couple of months. Love the shine and how healthy it makes my hair look.

If you're looking for instant softness and shine, try one of our keratin treatments today! This service can be performed at either of our Dayton-area locations. Click here to learn more.


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