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What Is It Like To Be A Salon Noir Client?

At Salon Noir, we LOVE our clients! They leave the salon with a feeling of confidence and tranquility. From the “vibe” to the music, every aspect of the Salon Noir experience has been tailored for optimal relaxation and pampering. Our hairstylists, aestheticians, and colorists offer clients a unique experience at both our Centerville and Lebanon locations.

We recently chatted with some of our long-time clients to learn directly from them what it’s like to be in our salon. Up first, Leah Campbell shares her favorite things about Salon Noir.

When did you first start visiting Salon Noir?

My first visit to Salon Noir was at the Centerville location way back in 2012. I was looking for a new salon and was lucky enough to get in with Amber for my first appointment.

Do you ever upgrade your appointment with hair masks, treatments, waxes, or other services?

I’ve had a facial at the Centerville location before and it was amazing!

Have you ever tried Salon Noir’s haircare or skincare? If yes, which product?

I’ve tried through the samples in the gift bags that the salon gives out at Christmastime (which is another great bonus of being a client).

How does your stylist make you feel during your appointments?

My appointment with Kirstin is always relaxing and a lot of fun. I was actually her high school English teacher and I love being able to catch up with her every few months. I love seeing one of my students do so well in a profession she loves so much.

At my first appointment with her, I wanted to go from a very dark brown to blonde. She talked me through the lightning process and we came up with a plan to get me to the blonde I wanted in a way that would keep my hair healthy. This made me feel confident that my hair was in good hands with someone who wasn’t going to over-promise results and was realistic and honest with me about how things would need to be done.

The way the salon looks and sounds is one of my favorite things about it. Amber has done a great job with the decor in both salons. She has great taste and has turned the consistent black and white theme into great branding for Salon Noir. I’ve been to salons in the past where I can hear what every other stylist and their client are talking about, so I love that the salon is always quiet and calm with a great playlist going.

Client Ashley, a well-known photographer in the greater Dayton area and sister of Amber Bromer, shares her experience -- and some product recommendations -- as well.

Describe your appointment with your artist/stylist.

It's a relaxing experience. The decor is beautiful and I always get offered a drink.

Amber always remembers what we did at the last appointment which is nice too.

Do you ever upgrade your appointment with hair masks, treatments, waxes, or other services?

I've tried lots of different services including hair cut, color, keratin treatment, wax, and facial.

Have you ever tried Salon Noir’s haircare or skincare?

Yes! I LOVE their hair and skin products. I use their face wash and moisturizer. I even buy the shampoo and conditioner in the big bulk bottles. I also love the non-Salon Noir brand products they offer. Especially the Cult & King Himalayan sea salt jelly for my curly hair!

What keeps you coming back to Salon Noir?

The great service and beautiful atmosphere.

How do you feel after a visit to Salon Noir?

Relaxed and beautiful.

Finally, Stylist Bryanna's client Nicole shared her favorite things about being a client.

Did you find the salon first, or your stylist?

I stumbled across the salon first! I was nervous about going to a new salon at first but the artist/stylists bio pages were very helpful. You get to know a little about each one or "meet" the stylists before you book an appointment. And if you don't know who would be the right fit for you all you have to do is call and they will pair you with whoever fits your needs!

Describe your appointment with your stylist.

Bree is amazing. She took the time to learn a little bit about my hair history and what I wanted to achieve in my first appointment. FYI I had no clue. We discussed some options and I could tell she really wanted to make me happy with my results, and I have been super happy since the first appointment!

How do you feel when you're at the salon?

The salon is super cool inside and out!! The decor is fun, sort of makes me feel like Alice in wonderland. The stylists have super cool vivid colors in their hair and are all so pretty. They are like walking advertisers for the services they provide. You can tell they really love what they do!

What’s your favorite thing about being a Salon Noir client?

I can't wait for my appointment every four weeks. It's like a small vacation where I can sit back and relax and get pampered.

Do you ever upgrade your appointment with hair masks, treatments, waxes, or other services?

Kelsey saw my daughter for an eyebrow appointment and she did an amazing job.

What keeps you coming back to Salon Noir?

Honestly, it's the feeling of comfort. Bree has always been very accommodating, understanding and If I want to try something new, or if I don't like how something turned out, Bree has been the best.

Do you want to experience Salon Noir for yourself? Book an appointment with us! Our hAirstream is also available for events and on-site services including cuts, feather hair extensions, and more. Email for more information.


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