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Why Shower Head Filters Are the Best Solution for Hair and Skin Issues

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Having Problems With Your Hair Health? A Shower Filter Is the Solution!

You're walking out of the hair salon with a beautiful new hair color. You're feeling extremely confident while swinging your bag full of new products to keep your hair healthy and fresh at home.

Now, you decide your hair is ready for its first wash. You line up all of your new products and wash your hair exactly the way the stylist explained to you. Then you notice…your color doesn't look the same.

You're frustrated, you cannot believe how much money you have spent for your hair to not look the way you were promised. This always happens to you, no matter the stylist you go to. You start thinking that maybe you aren’t meant to have your hair done.

Don’t fret! Believe it or not, there is a solution for you. There are so many other people out there that deal with the same issue. Your hair turns brassy, or the new color you received fades really quick. You even feel like your hair never feels clean even after you wash it.

You need a shower filter.

What is a Shower Filter?

A shower filter is a very simple device. It is a filter that connects to an existing shower pipe. Don’t worry though, connecting one of these devices is a very easy task.[1] It can feel daunting to get a product that you have to hook up, but the instructions to connect this device takes little effort. So don’t worry about being too handy for this!

The way this device works is the same way as a sink water filter. It filters out all of the impurities from well or hard water, making sure your hair stays clean, and healthy. You will no longer have a gunky residue on your hair that just won’t seem to go away.

Think about it this way, you filter your drinking water because you want clean water in your body. You worry about all of the impurities in tap water and if it will make you sick. Well, a shower head filter offers the same benefits for your hair and skin.

What exactly is in hard water that a shower head filter gets rid of?

  • Chlorine[1]

  • Iron Oxide[1]

  • Dirt and sediment contaminants[1]

  • Hydrogen Sulfide[1]

  • Unwanted odors[1]

It may seem odd to think that these toxins are in your water because they can be undetectable. Chlorine is a huge culprit when it comes to damaged hair and skin. Getting out of a chlorinated swimming pool makes your skin feel dry and itchy, while making your hair extremely brittle.

With that being said, imagine what that chlorine is doing to your hair and skin on a daily basis. This alone shows why having a shower filter for your hair and skin is important for your beauty and overall health.

Shower filter benefits for hair and skin

When hard water is being used to wash your hair, it's not actually cleaning it. Your hair has tiny holes in its molecules and the toxins in hard water are filling the holes making it feel dirty, while also making it a brassy tone.

Hot water also opens up hair molecules, making your fresh color go down the drain while filling it with the dirty toxins instead. It can also clog scalp follicles, making it impossible for your scalp to breathe, leaving you with a dry and irritated scalp.

Your skin has natural oils that protect it and keep it feeling soft and glowing. The toxins in hard water strip your skin of its natural oils, making it more prone to wrinkles and skin issues.[2]

Overall, a shower head filter blocks all of these nasty toxins. This allows your hair to keep its beautiful color while keeping it healthy. It keeps your scalp from getting itchy and flaky, and it leaves your skin’s natural oils intact.

The best shampoo for hard water

This leaves you wondering, well what do you do if you’re on vacation or on a work trip and where you’re staying has hard water? Luckily, hard water shampoos have been made for this exact reason.

Hard water shampoos are a great alternative to a shower head filter when you're in these situations. For instance, the Malibu Hard Water Wellness Shampoo is one of the best hard water shampoos because it neutralizes minerals and protects your hair from the toxins of hard water.[3]

At Salon Noir, we also have a Cool Mint shampoo that is a gentle clarifying shampoo for situations where you need a little extra cleansing. This would be used in situations where the water isn’t terrible but you want to insure you protect your hair.

It’s important to note that hard water shampoos aren’t a replacement for a shower head filter. This is because not only is your skin still unprotected from the hard water, but the water is still being used to cleanse your hair and scalp.

These hard water shampoos are designed to help with the problem, but do not have all of the benefits that a shower filter would for hard water. A shower filter, completely blocks the toxins from the hard water from even coming in contact with your skin in the first place. Whereas a hard water shampoo is like wearing armor in a battle.

Save money with a shower head filter... and protect your investment!

Overall, it’s safe to say that the benefits of a shower filter are life changing. It’s exhausting when you feel like you're spending hundreds of dollars on hair and skin products to only get disappointed that your beauty isn’t in the condition that you desire.

You should be able to have the beautiful hair and skin that you desperately want. A shower filter will save you. Your stylist will no longer have to perform pricey color corrections on your hair because of stingy brass that just won't go away.

Now you can enjoy getting your hair done without the nagging thought of it not staying beautiful when you go home and wash it. You will no longer have to deal with your hair breaking off either. This means you will save so much money on hair growth products and supplements.

At Salon Noir, we strive for our beautiful clients to stay happy with any service they receive. We want everyone to be educated on every factor that can lead to being unsatisfied with their beauty. As licensed professionals it is our job to stay informed and look out for our clients well being.

Save your money and your health, get a shower filter!

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