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Toxic Brew Company Teams up With Salon Noir to Create Salon Noir Porter

Salon Noir Porter- Toxic Brew Company Creates the Perfect Beer to Represent Salon Noir

Here at Salon Noir Lebanon we are so excited to announce that our Salon Noir Porter is back!

This is a collaboration with Toxic Brew Company, which is an iconic microbrewery and bar located in the Oregon District in downtown Dayton, Ohio.We love to support local businesses and we are so happy to have the opportunity to work with Toxic Brew!

Salon Noir Porter

Imagine being coziest up to a fire on a snowy Friday night, with your favorite movie and popcorn. You want the perfect drink to sip on that will complement your mood. Salon Noir Porter is the drink of choice. With smooth dark chocolate and raspberry notes, it will make you feel like you're sinking into your couch with coziness. 

This beer represents the mood of our salon…dark, rich and mysterious! It’s very important to note that this isn’t your average Porter, it has a light refreshing taste while also being a dark beer. Toxic Brew Company brewer Tyler Barrett was the professional that brought the Salon Noir Porter to life back in 2020.[1] We also worked with a Cincinnati tattoo artist, Kevin Repoza to design Salon Noir Porter's can label. He took the salon's logo and added inspiration from Toxic's logo (making our logo's rabbits into skeletons, like Toxic's skull). Check out his Instagram @f_u_z_z_z_z.

This collaboration has had the opportunity to be published in the Dayton Daily Newspaper, which is such an honor for us.

Toxic Brew Company

For Salon Noir, supporting small businesses is something that we hold close to our hearts, not just because we are a small business, but because the local community is so important. We love Toxic Brew Company and hold a huge amount of respect for the success this company has received since opening their doors in 2013.

When they started brewing their first batches of beer in 2013, it ended a 52 year drought for commercial brewing in the city of Dayton, Ohio. This is such an iconic accomplishment for a small business in the Oregon District. If that wasn’t iconic enough, once they opened their doors in June of 2013 the company quickly became a staple in Dayton, Ohio. Not only for their craft beer, but also arts, music, and nightlife entertainment.

Now in 2024, Toxic Brew Company[2] features a full bar including 32 taps of their own brews, guest taps, and house made pre-batch cocktails; only the best quality selection of spirits; rotating selection of bottle and can beers, along with ciders and seltzers in their coolers.

They also host amazing art shows of the best and most unique artists in the Dayton, Ohio area and beyond all curated by Tiffany Clark of Dayton’s Mural Machine. These events include live music, performances and more.

This amazing company has also gone as far as creating Toxic Brew Company Apparel and Merchandise. Some of their featured items include beanies, candles, coolers, coozies, dog leashes, and fannie packs.

Everything they have done, proves why we felt confident in their abilities to create the best Porter possible to represent Salon Noir as a whole. It is fully encouraged to check out Toxic Brew Company’s website and visit their amazing bar on your next night-out. 

Oregon District Shops

The Oregon District in downtown Dayton, Ohio is a lovely historical district that is packed with a lot of small businesses that we adore. Whether you want to stop by and have an excellent meal at Lily’s Bistro, shop for unique plants at Luna Gifts & Botanicals, or enjoy the abundance of nightlife they have to offer… you will not be disappointed with your experience.

Doc’s Place in Lebanon, Ohio

Doc’s place is an incredible restaurant and bar that is located right next to Salon Noir Lebanon. They are now offering Salon Noir Porter on tap and we couldn’t be more grateful. Right now they have a special offer for our Porter. If you have purchased any services or products from Salon Noir, you can bring in your receipt and they will give you a pint of our Salon Noir Porter and $5 off a meal. 

Also, if you stop into Doc's for a pint of Salon Noir Porter, bring your receipt to the salon to get $5 off any retail product!

This is an incredible opportunity to not only support each of our businesses but also get a taste of some of the best food in downtown Lebanon, Ohio! Doc’s Place prides themselves with the ultimate customer experience by combining great food with comfort and friendly service.[3] They provide the best quality of food for the best price, every time you visit.

Doc’s place is not only a Cincinnati bar but it is also a place for fun and entertainment! They offer Trivia Night every Monday from 7pm-9pm where you can win prizes with your friends or even by yourself. They love to have a good time and make the categories range from simple to ridiculous, making it great for everyone!

Most Friday and Saturday nights they also heat up the atmosphere with live music inside or on their patio. The best part is that they have local talent and fan favorites perform, which will provide an evening full of great music to help make your experience at Doc’s even more fulfilling!

Overall, Doc’s place is an unforgettable place and we are happy to be their neighbors and appreciate all of the support they show us!

Salon Noir Lebanon

Here at Salon Noir we pride ourselves on making the biggest impact around us. We believe that if we didn’t support small businesses, life would be less fulfilling. It is such an amazing community to be a part of and we see all of the hard work and dedication that small businesses do to create an amazing environment around us. As a small business, we feel so much love and support from our customers and surrounding businesses as well. 

We want to continue to make Salon Noir feel like a welcoming environment and will always strive to make all of our customers experience the best possible. We know you will love our Salon Noir Porter as much as we do. Being a part of the Cincinnati, Ohio community has been amazing these last couple years and we are super grateful for all of our customers and small business owners that support us. We love you all, let’s make 2024 the best year yet.

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