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Procell Microchanneling...The Natural Way to Regenerate Younger Looking Skin

What is Procell Microchanneling?

So, you're looking in the mirror at your fine lines and wrinkles wishing there was a time machine to send you back to your fresh 18 year old self.

As you're looking, you may even notice that little scar on your face, bringing you back to your adorable pup that got too excited to see you one day and gave you a permanent reminder of them.

As beautiful as your blemishes are, you catch yourself trying to find a solution to get your youthful, smooth skin back. As you're googling your heart away, you become frustrated because every single treatment option seems painfully invasive, and requires a lot of downtime. You also learn that we stop producing collagen in our 40s and 50s. Fortunately we offer an amazing solution with results that speak for themselves!

Procell Therapies' Microchanneling treatment is designed to boost collagen tighten and rid skin of fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, and even hair thinning or loss in an all natural way.

Microchanneling stamps hundreds of thousands of micro-injuries in the skin to be repaired by the production of new healthy collagen. This gentle stimulation of the skin produces “wound-healing” without an actual wound!

This skincare treatment, according to experts, is the secret to beautiful, healthy, and younger-looking skin. [1] Your results will have your friends and colleagues asking you to spill the beans about your skincare secret!

Microchanneling benefits

We live in an amazing time to have this kind of technology to get your skin looking as smooth as glass without worrying about the side effects that come with botox or other harsh treatments/procedures.

Procell Microchanneling will help improve multiple skin concerns such as:

  • Fine lines & wrinkles

  • Sun damage

  • Dark Spots/Hyperpigmentation

  • Loose skin

  • Scars

  • Acne

  • Rosacea

  • Stretch marks

  • Hair thinning & loss

  • Large pores

  • Skin texture

The best part about Procell Therapy Microchanneling is that unlike other treatments, it requires minimal downtime along with a less invasive feeling when it is performed. It is effective and hassle free as it gives you the desired results in as little as three sessions with only four weeks in between each session. This treatment is wonderful because it is naturally regenerating your healthy collagen that you’re lacking. Instead of cramming foreign substances into your body.

With this treatment option you also save time and money! This is because after you receive your desired results, the results don't just disappear or wear off. You are basically turning back the clock and starting the natural aging process with actual younger newer skin. After 4-6 treatments on average, we check in after 1-2 years. As with all skincare goals, they last a lot longer depending on how well you maintain and take care of your skin after the treatment. We can recommend the perfect products to keep your skin looking amazing with things like stem cells, human growth factors, hylauranic acid, and cytokines! Stay tuned for a blog about these products coming soon.[1]

Procell Microchanneling vs Microneedling

So you're wondering, what is the difference between Procell Microchanneling and Microneedling? Believe it or not, they are very similar procedures. Think of it as Microchanneling being the new and improved version of Microneedling.

The main difference is that Procell Microchanneling uses a controlled stamping device that is more uniform whereas Microneedling has a device that allows your esthetician to create channels, resulting in more sporadic, uneven micro-injuries on your skin.[2]

The benefit of having a more uniform device is that not only does it ensure the same or even better results, but it also has fewer side effects. Procell Microchanneling also uses a smaller needle which is intended to make you more comfortable while the treatment is performed.[2]

Microchanneling is a lot more gentle and has a quicker downtime of about 90 minutes compared to 24-48 hours with traditional microneedling.

Overall, Procell Microchanneling has been developed overtime with the client in mind. For example, think of how a clothing company comes out with leggings but then customers are complaining about how they could be better in certain areas.

That clothing company then comes out with a 2.0 version of those leggings that satisfies the customers more than the original. Customers now love the 2.0 version because the company has fixed what the customers thought could be better in the original version.

This is what happened with Microneedling. People liked the procedure but thought it could be better in certain areas. It has even been proven that many clients that have had both therapies, enjoy Procell Microchanneling over Microneedling.[2]

How much does Procell Microchanneling cost?

At our salon each Procell Microchanneling treatment is $300 for full face per session. There is also the option to add on your entire neck & décolleté, or even focus on a part of your body, like C-section scars.

What’s amazing about this is if you compare it to a treatment like botox, botox can cost upwards of $400 per session but you have to come back every 3-4 months to get it touched up.

This is because unlike Procell Microchanneling, botox is a foreign substance that is injected into the skin but wears off. Microchanneling is recreating your own collagen that guarantees you results that last.

If you were to get botox your spending +$1200 every year for your results, but if you receive Procell Therapy that is a minimum $900 for up to 10 years. With that being said, Microchanneling has proved to be a natural, less expensive way to get your youth back.

Microchanneling Before and Afters

Don’t take our word for it though, Look at these Microchanneling before and after results that show how amazing this treatment really is, the results speak for themselves.

Microchanneling aftercare

After your procedure is completed your esthetician will give you all of the aftercare instructions that you will need. These instructions are very important to follow because the timeline on how long your results last is determined by how you take care of your skin.

Think about it this way, your skin is now as sensitive as a newborn baby’s skin. As your skin is regenerating its youth, it’s counting on you to take care of it in the best way possible. This is your skin giving you a second chance to start over! So…definitely no tanning beds, even if it’s a guilty pleasure. This is now your chance to protect your investment,

To sum things up, Procell Microchanneling is the perfect way to theoretically send your skin back through a time machine. How cool is that? Let’s give your skin a second chance, click the link down below to get scheduled with one of our top tier Procell Microchanneling providers.

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