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How to Select the Best Bridal Makeup for Your Special Day, According to Ohio Wedding Hair and Makeup Experts

Cincinnati Wedding Hair & Makeup

How to Choose the Best Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding Day

Congratulations! The day has finally come and you have met your soul-mate. It is such an amazing feeling when your significant other pops the question. It puts you on cloud-9 just thinking about getting married to your best friend.

After those first couple of weeks, you have now set your wedding date and it’s off to the races. It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be incredibly exhausting. 

You’re google searching your heart away, trying to find the perfect vendors for your wedding and it can get quite overwhelming. One of the biggest worries you have as a bride is being able to find the perfect company to make you look stunning for your big day.

Your brain starts circling, How do I know what the best bridal makeup look is for me? Should I do airbrush makeup or a classic bridal makeup look? Will my professional makeup artist understand what I want? Will they provide false eyelashes if I want them?

Don’t worry, today we are going to go over everything you need to know to achieve the best wedding makeup for you and your bridal party. This will ensure you're prepared and organized for your upcoming bridal trials!

The deciding factors that will create the best wedding makeup look for you

There are a couple of factors you want to consider when choosing the perfect bridal makeup for your big day. These factors include:

  • How much makeup you wear in your daily life

  • What season will your wedding day take place in

  • What theme your wedding will be (bold vs elegant)

  • What style your dress is

High glam vs natural glam 

Once you have taken those factors into consideration, you may have more of an idea of what kind of bridal makeup look you're going for. If you're a bold girly that loves a high coverage look, a full high glam look is the way to go.

A full high glam look is considered “the most transformative look, including full contour, highlight, cut creases, and big lashes.” [1] This kind of look will give the biggest wow factor when walking down the aisle on your big day.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you're a girly that wants to wear makeup that enhances your features without altering your natural appearance completely… a natural glam look will be your best friend on your wedding day.

A natural glam look will give a softer glam look with more neutral shades. It gives a lighter appearance allowing it to look more natural for your big day. It is also perfect for summer brides because of the heat and humidity.

Airbrush bridal makeup vs classic bridal makeup

Now that you have decided what kind of bridal makeup style you want, it’s time to discuss the different application methods you can receive. 

Airbrush makeup has become a booming trend in the wedding industry. It gives a more natural look and will last longer than a classic makeup application. 

A classic bridal makeup application offers a wider range in finishes from matte to dewy depending on the products being used[2]. It also is more affordable than an airbrush bridal look.

Airbrush makeup for wedding

There is a reason why airbrush bridal makeup has become super popular over the last couple years. It can be used to perform a variety of makeup looks for your wedding day. Airbrush 

Makeup is applied with an air-power tool that dispenses product in a spray like form.[3]

Pros of airbrush makeup

  • Lasts 6-10 hours longer than classic makeup

  • Super durable, making it sweat resistant

  • Flawless finish that looks like natural skin

  • Gentle and hydrating for sensitive skin

  • Minimized risk of clogged pores and breakouts due to the air-power tool used

Classic makeup for wedding

Classic bridal makeup is also a great choice for brides for multiple reasons. It is very versatile and has a wide range of formulations for multiple skin types.[4] Classic wedding makeup is traditionally applied with either a makeup brush or sponge and has a cream or powder consistency. 

Pros of classic wedding makeup

  • Provides comfort in knowing that your wearing the same kind of makeup on your wedding day, as you do in your daily life

  • Wider range in formulations, making it easier to find products that meet specific skin types

  • Better suited for textured skin, as the formula is creamier and can smooth any imperfections on your skin

  • More cost effective than an airbrush bridal application

Overall, both airbrush bridal makeup and classic wedding makeup are great options for your wedding day. Each has their own unique advantages and disadvantages. The best way to decide what technique is best suited for you is to consult your professional makeup artist at your wedding trial. 

Cincinnati Ohio Bridal Hair & Airbrush Makeup

Salon Noir bridal services

Here at Salon Noir we have an excellent group of professional bridal artists to take care of you during your wedding day. We provide a full inclusive bridal experience that will relieve you of any stress you may have. 

Bridal services we offer:

  • Bridal Hair

  • Bridal Party Hair

  • Airbrush Wedding Makeup

  • Classic Wedding Makeup

  • False Lashes

We offer these services on-site or in the salon. 

For in-salon, our beautiful studio upstairs is available to rent while getting ready for your wedding day. Have your wedding photographer come in and capture stunning photos of you and your bridal party. There is a private dressing room, a stylist station, and plenty of room to have snacks and drinks set up to make it the best experience possible.

Our studio space is also a perfect spot to

have your engagement photos and boudoir photos taken. Just bring your favorite photographer!

Salon Noir is also here to make every part of your wedding process amazing for you. We will help you get your hair, skin, and nails ready for the big day.

 We offer services such as:

  • Microchanneling for flawless skin for your wedding day

  • Any nail service to provide you the best nails that will photograph beautifully

  • Any hair color service that will match your wedding hairstyle perfectly

  • Extensions that will have your hair looking picture perfect

We are thrilled to do anything we can to make your wedding day the best day of your life. Our past brides have been amazed with our luxury services and we guarantee you will have the same experience!

*Salon Noir was absolutely amazing! They were quick to get my large bridal party in and out while still making them look stunning! My makeup stayed put the entire day and my hair was so classy. They even got us finished early despite there being so many of us! I would definitely book them again for a special occasion.

*Amber’s team of stylists was so amazing to work with. From the trial run of hair and makeup all the way to the day of the wedding everything went smooth. I asked for some last minute changes to my makeup and Paige didn’t even flinch. Setting up the mobile salon at the church was so much fun and such a convenience. I cannot recommend Salon Noir enough!

*The Salon Noir in Lebanon saved my wedding day look! The owner and her team worked at last minute to fit me, my mom, my MIL, and bridesmaid into their schedule 2 weeks before my wedding. My hair turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!! I was obsessed with my updo. Without a consultation and only a Pinterest picture to go off of, my hair stylist did an absolutely amazing job. I'm so grateful for their team.

*I love everything about Salon Noir. the atmosphere, the people and the products. My stylist did my hair, we didn't get to have a trail but it was perfect! She was also super sweet and made sure I was set to have my hair not all fall down by the end of the day. I recommend them for not only your wedding but all your hair needs because they are awesome!

Interested in working with us to make your wedding day perfect?

Click the link down below to inquire with our Ohio wedding hair and makeup experts!

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