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Malibu C Scalp Remedy meets Cult and King Tonik: Salon Noir Scalp Ritual Treatment

Salon Noir Scalp Ritual Treatment: The Perfect Scalp Detoxifying Service

Cincinnati Ohio Scalp Therapy Treatment

Let’s be honest, the weather in Cincinnati Ohio is super temperamental right now. From the weather being in the 60’s to dropping to the low 30’s, it is known to make your body very confused. The dryness in the air is making your scalp very itchy and flaky.

You may even be trying to fix your itchy scalp at home by using oils and moisturizing products. But unfortunately, that will not fix the issue your scalp is dealing with. Luckily, we have the perfect solution for you here at Salon Noir.

Salon Noir’s Scalp Ritual Treatment

Our Scalp Ritual Treatment will be your saving grace in these crazy weather changing months. This treatment will provide you with a relaxing experience while also taking care of itchy scalp. Your first instinct may be to moisturize your scalp with oils but in reality, the correct way to get rid of an itchy scalp is to detoxify it.

Detoxifying your scalp will get rid of the build up your scalp has received from the dry weather. This is because freezing cold weather can produce flakes onto your scalp and cause blockages on your hair follicles. Getting rid of these flakes allows your scalp to breathe better and produce its natural oils in a more efficient way.

Once your scalp can produce its natural oils efficiently, it allows your scalp to get back on the right track and stay moisturized. This will get rid of the itchiness, considering your natural oils are the key to a healthy scalp overall.

Malibu Scalp Wellness Shampoo + A Scalp Massage Brush

The first step we take in your Scalp Ritual Treatment is by cleansing the scalp with Malibu Scalp Wellness shampoo. This Malibu C shampoo is a gentle clarifier that will get rid of dirt and eliminate impurities on your scalp with its clarifying complex. It defends your scalp against environmental triggers and keeps it hydrated and healthy.

This scalp shampoo will also invigorate your senses with its spearmint essential oils and menthol[1] that will create a calming sensation while the product is being worked into your scalp. We will use a scalp scrubber while massaging the shampoo in. This will ensure that we are detoxifying your scalp to its fullest potential, while giving you the best scalp massage of your life.

Malibu Scalp Therapy Remedy + A Scalp Scrubber

The second step to our ritual is to use Malibu C Scalp Therapy detox treatment.[1] This treatment will provide immediate relief to your itchy scalp. This treatment doesn’t only soothe a dry scalp but also has a freshly-activated antioxidant complex that will provide a defense against environmental scalp triggers in the future. 

We also use a scalp massage brush to apply this moisture treatment. This provides for a relaxing experience while the treatment is removing mineral build up and improving your scalps appearance. This Malibu C Scalp Therapy Remedy is then left on for 10 minutes to ensure your scalp is soaking up all of its benefits. 

Shampoo and Condition with Salon Noir Preferred Products 

After the Malibu C Scalp Therapy detox treatment is finished working its magic, our next step is to shampoo and condition your hair with any of our amazing custom products we offer at Salon Noir. All of our Noir Shampoos & Conditioners are Vegan and offer an amazing variety for any type of hair.

If you want added moisture we have our Quench shampoo and conditioner or our Black Diamond shampoo and conditioner. Both of these lines lock in moisture and give unbelievable shine to your hair.

If you want your hair and scalp to be extra detoxed, our Cool Mint shampoo and conditioner is an excellent choice. This line will make sure your hair and scalp are extra squeaky clean while also giving you beautiful volume to your hair. Its soothing peppermint scent is also to die for. 

If you want to get rid of any brass to your blonde hair we also have our Blonde on Blonde shampoo and conditioner. This is a perfect line for you if you're looking for a purple shampoo that won't dry out your hair and can be used on a daily basis for that perfect cool blonde look.

If you want to tame frizz and achieve your natural beautiful curl pattern our Downward-Spiral shampoo and conditioner is the line for you! It will moisture your curls and leave them locked in place all day.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of shampoo and conditioner lines to ensure we are providing you with anything your hair needs.

Cult & King Tonik Spray

The final step to our Salon Noir Scalp Ritual Treatment is by applying Cult & King Tonik and massaging it into the scalp. This product is one of a kind. It has herbal synergies and organic ingredients that will condition the scalp, follicles, and hair like no synthetic chemicals can.[2]

TONIK soaks into scalp, skin, and hair follicles with 23 natural, organic botanicals and essential oils for refreshed, rejuvenated, healthy looking scalp and hair. With saw palmetto, green tea, and salicylic acid for deep cleaning.[2]

Once this is massaged into your scalp it will give your scalp a tingling feeling that is an amazing sensation. The PH balancer in the formula will reset your hair and scalp to its original state.

Not only does it encourage a clean healthy scalp, It also has DHT control. An effective natural scalp exfoliant that helps remove dirt, toxins and DHT from the pores. DHT is a naturally occurring testosterone in everyone’s bodies that is linked to hair thinning and hair loss.[2]

This product is great for anyone looking to better their hair and scalp. Think of this product like a supplement. It will provide you with all of the healthy nutrients you need to not only achieve a healthy scalp, but also the hair of your dreams. 

Book your Salon Noir Scalp Ritual Treatment Today

This treatment is a perfect refresh for the upcoming warmer months ahead. Your scalp deserves just as much care as your hair does. At the end of the day, your hair is only as healthy as your scalp!

Book down below with one of our providers, you deserve to pamper yourself.

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