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Blow Out Salon Noir Candle Sale-25% Off All Custom Made Candles Until December 16th

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

25% Off All Salon Noir Custom Made Candles Until December 16th-the Perfect Holiday Gift

Everyone knows that candles are fabulous gifts for the holidays. They are timeless, and there is just something about a comforting aroma filling your house. Look at Bath and Body Works for example. People go crazy every year with their blow out candle sales.

As much as everyone loves a good Bath and Body Work candle, sometimes buying the same branded candle every year can get repetitive and it starts making a candle a boring holiday gift.

You may even think to yourself, maybe you can make people unique custom candles. But then you realize the holidays are such a busy time of the year and it would be impossible to have enough time to make them before the season ends.

You dive in, google searching custom made candles only to find out that they can be pretty expensive. They make you want to throw in the towel and forget about the amazing idea of getting someone a custom candle, only to end up right back at Bath and Body Works. 

Our custom made, soy candles make the perfect holiday gift!

Good news! You don’t need to go crawling back to Bath and Body Works hoping they have a last minute candle sale. Salon Noir has created three beautiful custom candles that are made with a variety of seasons in mind that will be 25% off until December 16th.

Whether your loved one is wishing that summer would come sooner, reminiscing about fall leaves, or needs a good winter candle that can last them past the holidays, Salon Noir has you covered.

Black Cashmere Sweater- The best holiday candle

Let’s start with the perfect candle for this winter season. Our custom candle Black Cashmere Sweater, is perfect for a crisp cold morning or even a beautiful winter night while you're roasting by a fire in your comfy home.

This beautiful candle's aroma will make you want to put on your favorite, most comfortable sweater, and just breathe in what it has to offer. The best way to describe this scent is as fruity, woodsie, earthy and cozy. 

The best part about this candle is that it has a unisex aroma that allows everyone in the house to enjoy this scent. You ladies will no longer have to hear your husband complaining about how your house smells like a man doesn’t even live there-LOL.

With all that being said, it’s clear why Black Cashmere sweater is not only a unique holiday candle, but also a gift that will make your loved one feel like you really tried to find them a special candle for their candle collection this winter. 

Burnt Embers- An autumn lovers dream candle

It’s super cliche to assume that your loved ones only want winter scented candles for the holidays. How about that person in your life that you know flourishes in the fall time? Our Custom Candle Burnt Embers, is the embodiment of autumn. 

This fragrance is reminiscent of a campfire on a fall night. When you smell this candle's aroma it will make you think about those amazing hayrides with your hot chocolate in hand. Or even that night you spent carving pumpkins with the people that mean the most to you.

This candle is coupled with an amber, earthy aroma, balsam, and fresh spices. It will remind your loved ones of their absolute favorite season, which is bound to make you their favorite family member this holiday season.

From the custom name, to the beautiful sleek design it is perfect for anyone’s home decor. It honestly doubles as a decoration, making people want to cherish it for as long as possible. It will feel like a special gift, because you know them so well.

Shiny Boots of Leather- The candle that embodies summer, even in the winter

Let’s take a moment to remember that gorgeous sunny weather we had. Who doesn’t love to be outside enjoying the fresh air, or sitting on your favorite restaurant's patio with a drink in your hand? Or how about the long walks that didn’t feel like your skin was going to fall off from the frigid 30 degree weather?

Shiny Boots of Leather is the perfect candle to send someone back these beautiful times. It will grab your attention the moment you smell it. It will remind you of tanned leather that is enhanced with the massage of the summer saddle soup.

The minute you light it in your house, you will feel like you're actually outside, soaking in summertime. Your loved ones will feel less of the winter blues and be reminded of summer rays. This candle is perfect for your loved one who hates the cold and wishes they lived in 70 plus degree weather all year long.

Even though this candle has an aroma of a season that is far away, it still makes for a perfect gifted candle. You may even inspire someone to take a beach trip during these cold winter months ahead.

Don’t forget that this 25% off candle sale ends on December 16th

These candles are fast selling, so grab them while they are still in stock. Burnt Embers is a hot commodity and is almost sold out as we speak. They are all beautifully custom made and will sure be a wow factor for your loved one when they open it during your holiday party.

We understand that the holidays can get expensive and that is why we are making these candles as affordable as possible for you. We want you to spend more time enjoying your loved ones' company rather than worrying about anything else.

The holidays are meant to give happiness to others. Salon Noir is so grateful and ecstatic to have such amazing clients to share happiness with in this holiday season. Let yourself really enjoy these months. Be present with your loved ones and really soak in how amazing it is to be able to give gifts to the ones you love.

Salon Noir wants to wish you a very happy holiday season, our business would be nothing without your support. Make sure to stuff your belly and enjoy as many laughs as possible, you deserve it!

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