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10 Remedies to Prevent Your Skin and Hair From Becoming Dry and Brittle in the Winter

10 Ways to Prevent Dry Hair and Itchy Skin in the Winter

Winter is one of the best times of the year. You wake up in your soft cotton pajamas and look outside with your coffee in hand. You see the brightest blanket of snow that's covering your front yard, and continue to light your favorite winter scented candle. You're comforted with all of the warmth and cheer with the holiday season…That is until you walk outside.

The season may fill your insides with warmth and happiness, but your hair and skin are internally screaming at you. Unfortunately as soon as winter comes, your hair and skin become extra dry. Your skin is itchy while your hair is staticky and you are trying your best to keep them both moisturized.

You need a winter hair and skincare routine but you don’t know where to look for the best advice. It can get overwhelming with all of the products on the market that can help with winter dryness. Let yourself relax as you dive into these must have remedies for your winter beauty routine.

5 things to do to help with your dry hair in the winter

It’s important to understand that the dryness your hair is receiving in the winter is from the air. As the air gets colder outside, it also loses its moisture. Having a hydration routine is vital for your hair health in the winter.

#1 Don’t use heat tools nearly as much

When your hair is super dry in the winter, it is more prone to split ends or breaking. Heat tools open up the hair cuticle and can dry the hair out even more. Using a heat tool on already dry hair can force the hair strands to snap or split even easier..[1] It’s important to be mindful with heat tools in the winter and only use them when necessary.

#2 Hair oil is your best friend in the winter time

Hair oil is the number 1 component in keeping your hair moisturized in the winter. You should be oiling your ends everyday to ensure that you're not receiving more split ends than normal. You can also use it as a scalp treatment at night to help with your winter scalp dryness as your hair can only be healthy if you have great scalp health.

#3 Wash your hair less frequently

Did you know that water is one of the most frequently used components that dries out your hair and scalp?[2] You should be cautious with how much you wash your hair in the winter because your hair needs extra moisture and your scalp’s natural oils are the best protection for your hair and scalp.

#4 Wear a hat or scarf to protect your scalp from drying out in the winter

It’s important to cover your hair and scalp when you're outside in the winter. Wearing a hat or scarf over your head will prevent your scalp from coming in contact with the frigid dry air. This will allow your scalp to stay moisturized and not be as itchy.[1]

#5 Use a leave in conditioner to protect your hair from getting staticky in the winter

A lot of the time your hair can become staticky in the winter. This is caused by the dry air and friction coming from wearing hats all the time.[2] A leave-in conditioner keeps your hair protected because it gives your hair the much needed moisture it’s crying out for.

5 things to do to help with your dry skin in the winter

Unfortunately dry skin happens for everyone in the winter. The air is so dry that it’s causing cracks in the skin. It’s impossible to avoid as we are washing our hands frequently and cranking the heat up on our showers, which is causing dryness all over our body. Keeping your skin extra moisturized in the winter can help with the dryness not getting out of hand.

#1 Invest in the best skin moisturizer and body oil for your skin in the winter

A body oil may not be something you even thought about adding to your winter skincare routine but it is one of the best ways to lock in your body' s moisture. Just like our hair, oil is the most nourishing for our skin. It’s perfect to put the oil on your body after you pat yourself dry after a shower. Following that up with a moisturizer will protect your skin from cracking from the cold air outside.[3]

#2 Try taking a cooler shower to help with dry skin in the winter

As stated above, you typically want to take a hotter shower in the winter to warm up your skin from the outside cold. Hot water is very drying and it will strip out your skin's moisture. Cooling down the temperature on your water will help with the itchiness your skin receives. Even if it seems annoying to do so, your skin will thank you for it! [4]

#3 Use a sensitive skin detergent and protect your hands from chemicals

When you're cleaning make sure to protect your

hands with gloves as any cleaning agent will make your skin even drier. Chemicals have ingredients in them that will strip your skin of its moisture. You will want to switch your laundry detergent as well because the fragrances in normal detergents are known to dry out your skin.

#4 Use a humidifier in the winter for your skin dryness

Humidifiers are known to bring back the moisture to your skin. They will help with any skin redness that you see and can help get rid of the itchiness.. If you're cranking up the heat in your house that can be a factor causing your dry skin.[4] The steam that humidifiers provide can really help bring its life back.

#5 Use sunscreen in the winter

People tend to believe that sunscreen should only be used in the summer to protect your skin from the scorching sun. Using sunscreen all year around can keep your skin youthful, as the dryness to your skin gets worse with age because of the sun exposure you receive all year long.[3]

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