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Stefanie Bussman


Get to know Stefanie!

What is your favorite service to do and why?

- I have a passion for all things blonde and vivid colors, I love a good transformation.


What is your hidden talent or something unique about you most people might not know?

- Something unique about me is I have a passion for cleaning and organization.

What is you favorite food and/or drink?

- My favorite food would definitely be chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes

Early Bird or Night Owl?

- 100% a night owl

What celebrity have you been told you look like?

-  I’ve never been told I resemble a celebrity however I like to pretend I look like Margot Robbie.

Describe the worst hair style you've ever had.

- My worst hairstyle would have to be the classic 2000s bowl cut with bangs I had growing up.

What is your favorite movie?

- My all time favorite movie is Bridesmaids.

What do you like to do when you aren't slaying hair at the salon?

-When I’m not at the salon I love to hangout with friends and family, play sand volleyball, and discover new restaurants in the area.