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Staff Appreciation Tips from a Salon Owner

Staff appreciation matters. Take a few notes from our book about how to show it.

Salon Noir prioritizes staff appreciation days to show our stylists, estheticians, managers, desk staff, and assistants how much they mean to us. A few ways that we celebrate our crew include dinners, outings, classes, workshops, and more. We encourage our staff to always learn, grow, and inspire.

During times when many businesses are struggling to build and retain their faculty, it’s super important that salon leadership take the time to show their appreciation for all the hard work of their teams. These team-building exercises benefit everyone, in more ways than one.

Here are a few ideas for other business owners to show their staff some love at work and off duty:

Develop sustainable teams

We all want to build a team that is with us for the long haul. It’s essential to have adequate staff to prevent overworking your team and causing burnout. Fostering an environment of trust and being inclusive of all backgrounds and personalities will help make employees want to stick around too.

Create useful opportunities Be open to hiring staff at all skill levels and abilities - but make sure to support development and growth. Offer classes and training to anyone looking to hone their skills. Allowing flexible schedules is key, as well. Everyone should have a life outside of work!

Empower the environment Establishing explicit tolerance policies tells your staff that the work environment is safe and welcoming. Setting up a system to recognize good, hard work goes a long way too.

Highlight local businesses

Salon Noir has collaborated with several Dayton-area businesses like Toxic Brew, Ashley Lynn Photography, Anna’s Gourmet Popcorn Flavor, Dayton Real Estate Crush Candle, Cut-A-Thon @ Clash Dayton for exclusive products and special events. These partnerships have allowed us to create fun, exciting opportunities for our employees, while giving other small businesses a boost.

Try new things

Keep things interesting! Try taking your staff to a restaurant that just opened, the latest downtown boutique, or a cool new entertainment venue. Mix it up and keep it fun!

Salon Noir wants every employee to feel welcome, comfortable and appreciated, and we hope that every business owner feels the same about his or her staff. How do you show your team some love? Let us know in the comments!

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