Emma Becker


Get to know Emma!

What is your favorite service to do and why?

- My favorite service to do is foils! I love seeing the brightness and the hair come back to life! It's so satisfying.


What is your hidden talent or something unique about you most people might not know?

-  Definitely no hidden talents here! But one thing most people don’t know is that I love to collect those little Russ troll dolls! People think they are ugly, but I think they are the cutest thing. I’m always on the lookout for those crazy haired guys!

Early Bird or Night Owl?

- Staying up late and instantly regretting it the next day is me! There is something about getting that kick to do everything once it’s dark.

What is you favorite food and/or drink?

- I couldn’t live without some good tacos! More specifically, Chiapas steak tacos. Chefs kiss!

What celebrity have you been told you look like?

- I haven’t been told I look like anyone. But if you know a celebrity with big cheeks and big teeth, let a girl know.

Describe the worst hair style you've ever had.

- Luckily, I have never done something to my hair where I looked back and said yikes! But when I was younger, my mom would cut short bangs on me every year with my two huge cowlicks separating the bangs. It looked like open curtains on my forehead!

What is your favorite movie?

-  An odd childhood favorite that still seems to make its way on my TV is Labyrinth. I have no clue why I like it so much because it’s so cheesy but oh well! Other movies I really enjoy is Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift and 2 Fast 2 Furious.

What do you like to do when you aren't slaying hair at the salon?

- When I’m not in the salon I am most likely cuddled up with my two cats and spending way too much time watching Tiktoks. Oops! If I’m not inside, you can catch me at amusement parks, riding my dirt bike, and catching some powder on my snowboard!

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