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Lebanon Ohio Stylist
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Chelsea Proffitt


Get to know Chelsea!

What is your favorite service to do and why?

- Any type of blonding service! I love to brighten up someone’s look.


What is your hidden talent or something unique about you most people might not know?

-  I can sing Mariah Carey’s daydream album from start to finish!

Early Bird or Night Owl?

- Early Bird! It’s the only way to survive parenthood.

What is you favorite food and/or drink?

- Steak or Crab Legs

What celebrity have you been told you look like?

- Julia Roberts

Describe the worst hair style you've ever had.

- Haha. Well, my Dad decided to get me a perm when I was in the 8th grade. A delicious spiral perm. He took me to a high end salon in Columbus. When it was finished, I remember feeling my bang area and it felt like it had clippers taken to it. I was too young to think much of it, but turns out she broke off my fringe area completely. So, I had some really nice bangs growing in after a few weeks. Perm was great though.

What is your favorite movie?

- I have too many. It’s complicated, The Holiday, The Hustle, and Something’s Gotta Give, are a few favorites.

What do you like to do when you aren't slaying hair at the salon?

- Exercise, Festivals, and Thrifting.

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