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Cincinnati Hair Stylist
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Bree Anderson


Get to know Bree!

What is your favorite service to do and why?

- I love doing vivids, balayage, and extentions! Creating wild vivids, blended balayage, and adding extensions to fit the needs of every client that sits in my chair!


What is your hidden talent or something unique about you most people might not know?

-  I love rollercoasters so much but I am TERRIFIED of heights, but that’s never going to stop me!

Early Bird or Night Owl?

- Night Owl all the way! I love having my alone time when everyone is asleep to enjoy the things I love!

What is you favorite food and/or drink?

- City Barbecue! Or any BBQ for that matter! I love Coca Cola and Alauni Mimosa Energy Drinks!

What celebrity have you been told you look like?

- Christina Ricci

Describe the worst hair style you've ever had.

- Blonde hair or pixie cut!

What is your favorite movie?

- Star Wars: Rogue One!

What do you like to do when you aren't slaying hair at the salon?

- You will find me either at Kings Island, Cedar Point, Barnes and Noble, or The Enchanted Candle- !

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