Centerville & Lebanon

Owner/Stylist/Dark Hair Specialist

Amber Bromer

Amber has always believed that the salon experience is just as important as the finished product her clients go home with. Before opening Salon Noir Centerville in 2010, Amber spent close to ten years honing her skills. In 2020 she opened her second location in Downtown Lebanon. 

Her goal in starting Salon Noir was to design a space in which would be comfortable to be creative, and welcoming to clients. The relaxing, unique environment reflects her identity, values, and vision. It is a home, away from home and a dream come to fruition. Knowing there is always room for improvement, she strives for perfection, whether it be in a client's hairstyle, or in running the day to day. 

You can book with her at either the Centerville  or Lebanon location.

Get to know Amber!

What is your favorite service to do and why?

-I really enjoy adding dimension to brunettes, even black hair. There's a lot you can you with caramels, coppers, and reds throughout a dark base. I love the texture and shine of dark, healthy hair. I also love playing with vivids. My favorite haircuts to do are modern shags, or anything with a ton of texture!


What is you favorite book or movie?

-My favorite movie of all time would probably be Ingmar Bergman's 'Hour of the Wolf'. A close second would be Fellini's 8 1/2. My favorite TV show is Black Books. And my favorite book would probably be  Anne Sexton's 'The Awful Rowing Toward God'.

What three things would you take with you to a deserted island?

-My husband, my pets, and a way to listen to music. 

What do you like to do when you aren't at the salon?

-I have a passion for art, movies, decorating, and embroidering but my ABSOLUTE favorite thing to do when I'm not working is to see live music. Karaoke, hanging with my husband, family and pets are also really high on the list. Oh...last, but certainly not least, I love working on my business, outside of doing hair.